2022 Tri-County Conference Information

Hello Conference Riptide Families

This message is only being sent to Conference Meet swim families. 

Lots of informatin follows.  Please take time to read all of it. 

It's getting closer. The conference meet will be here in a few days. (July 30 & 31) Lots of information follows. Please take time to read all the information. The meet is being held for the first time at a brand new location and it's been awhile since we’ve been able to hold this meet. Please have patience and be willing to adapt to the new location. Some have done this before but many have not. We all need to learn together.

If you ordered conference apparel it will be handed out on Thursday (7/28) at practice beginning at 8:30am. If something changes a separate email will be sent.

So here we go…

For those that are new to Riptide, the conference meet is a 2 day swim meet where all 8 teams of the Tri County Conference come together and have one large swim meet. Each team takes a turn as "host" of this meet. This year the Mazomanie Barracudas will be the host team and the meet will be held at the Sauk Prairie High School Indoor Pool.

For our new families, the conference meet is run a bit differently than our normal dual meets. Day 1 (Saturday) is preliminaries meaning only individual events will swim on this day. There are no relays on day 1. If your swimmer places in the top 16 of their event on day 1 they will swim that event again on day 2. Day 2 (Sunday) is Finals. Day 2 is run as a full meet, meaning there will be relays and individual events just like a dual meet.

Here is what you need to know for Conference weekend

Please take time to review the attached document called "2022 Conference Meet Information & Map" It has lots of useful information.

I will highlight some of the important points below.

Doors will open at 7am daily.

Concession Sales will start at 7:30am daily. Food Trucks will also be onsite if you are interested.

For this conference meet everyone will be indoors - no outside team tents. Each team will have allocated space in the North gym to hang out and have their own space. Clerk of course calls will be made in the gym and we are planning to use the scoreboard as well to post what event we are calling. Pop-up tents will NOT be allowed anywhere in the school. You are allowed to bring lawn chairs, sleeping bags, and blankets into the gym, but they NEED to stay on the tarps.

Please NOTE: there will be no announcements made outside of the building. 

Riptide Warm ups: Riptide Warm Ups will run from 7:40-8:00am on Saturday and Sunday Morning. Your swimmer needs to be ready to get in the water at this time. There will also be an afternoon warm up. The start time of the afternoon warm up will begin about 30-60 minutes after the last IM event.

Please give yourself enough time to arrive at the pool and have your swimmer ready to go. I would suggest arriving at Sauk Prairie High School between 7:00am and 7:15am. This will give you time to pay admission, find the Baraboo Riptide rest area in the gym and get familiar as to where things are located.

Per USA swimming rules any swimmers who are 12 years of age or younger may NOT wear a tech suit at the conference meet.

Start Time: The meet will start at 9am

Swimmers Reporting for Events: It is very important for swimmers to report to the Clerk of Course when their event is called. There will be a First, Second and Final Call. Please be on time. They will not call the swimmers name if they do not report. If your swimmer doesn’t report they will not be able to swim and will be disqualified from their event.There is no second chance. As a parent please help to make sure your swimmer gets to the clerk of course on time.

Viewing the meet: The bleachers at Sauk Prairie High School are in the Mezzanine which overlooks the pool. There will be a designated area for each team in the bleachers. Please honor these areas and use the bleachers for spectating only. There will be no spectators allowed on the pool deck. Finally please do not bring swim bags, coolers etc.. into the bleachers. Please find an area in the gym for these items. 

Meet Volunteers: Thank you to those who signed up to help during this meet. I’ve said this many times but swim meets do not run without volunteers and the conference meet is no different. So thank you for your time and help. Volunteers will receive free admission on the day you are volunteering. You will need to give your name on the day you are working at the admission table to receive free admission.

Please review the attached "2022 Conference Meet Volunteers" document so you know what job you are working.

Clerk of Course Volunteers:  Working Clerk of Course is easy, you will either call out swimmer names, seat swimmers in order of their lane assignments or walk swimmers to the starting blocks.

**If you are volunteering at Clerk of Course during the weekend you will need to find me or my wife Sue. We will be located in the gym. You will need a Clerk of Course Pass to enter the pool deck. The pass MUST be returned to me or Sue at the end of your shift. It will be needed for each clerk of course volunteer shift.** 

Volunteer Timers: Being a timer at the conference meet works just like timing at dual meets with one difference. One person will run a stop watch and the plunger button. Also the host team does not have enough stop watches for all the timers needed at this meet.

**If you are volunteering as a Timer during the weekend you will need to find me or my wife Sue. We will be located in the gym. We will provide you with a team stopwatch and Timers Pass. You will need the Timer Pass to enter the pool deck. The stopwatch and Pass MUST be returned to either Sue or myself after your timing shift is completed. It will be needed for the next shift of Timers.**

Officials, Timers and Clerk of Course volunteers please ask, check your program or listen for an announcement of when to attend meetings or to start your volunteer shift. Timers and Officials meetings have been set and are listed below. These times are for Saturday and Sunday. If you are helping with Clerk of Course please see the times below or report to the Clerk of Course area directly.

8:15 am – Officials Meeting in Warm Water Pool Classroom

8:30 am – Morning Timers meeting on Warm Water Pool Deck

11:30 am – Afternoon Timers meeting on Warm Water Pool Deck

8:40am - Saturday AM Clerk of Course volunteer report at this time

8:20am - Sunday AM Clerk of Course volunteer report at this time

12:00pm - Afternoon Clerk of Course Volunteers for Saturday and Sunday should be ready to report by this time. Please listen for the announcement as to when you should report for the afternoon Clerk of Course shift.

This information and more can be found on the Conference Meet website: 

2022 Tri-County Conference Championship



The conference meet is a fun and exciting one. For some this may be their last conference meet and for others it may be their first. With all 8 teams in attendance it will be busy but is run just like a normal dual meet. So plan to get your heat sheets and conference programs when you arrive. Grab something from the concession stand and get ready to start the meet.

As a parent, enjoy the meet and encourage your swimmer to give it their all. All the hard work they put in during the season leads up to this meet. Swimmers give it all you got and have fun. But most of all enjoy the weekend as this is the end of the Riptide swim season. All that remains after the weekend is Awards Night on August 3rd. Please RSVP for awards night if you haven't already.

Again, please remember this location is new to everyone, even the host team. So please be patient and willing to adapt. We will all learn together. Please ask questions of the people around you. Even though the location is new, many fellow Riptide families have been a part of a conference meet before and are happy to help or answer questions the best they can.

See you all this weekend.


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