Dells Meet and Other Info

Hello Riptide Families!

Attached to this email is the entry list for Saturday.  Please let me know what questions you have on this document.  Here are some other things to be aware of:


- Please declare your swimmer for the conference meet ASAP.  Our coaches will be meeting next week Tuesday to craft our lineup and need to have that information quickly.

- The lineup for the conference meet will look very different than what you are used to.  We are only allowed three entries per event (including relays).  Please be aware of this before the lineup is sent out next week.

- Please head to the website and sign-up for volunteer jobs for the conference weekend.  We are still in need of volunteers, and the deadline to submit this info to host Mazo is this Friday, the 15th.

Cross Plains 

- Please declare your swimmer for this meet ASAP.  I would like our lineups to be done the same night as our conference lineups.

Away Meet Reminders 

- Please make sure your swimmer is paying attention to the events being called and knows where and when to report.  Our clerk of course workers at home meets are very good at getting kids in place in time, but other teams will not be as helpful to our swimmers.  It is imperative that they have help in remembering and getting where they need to be.

- If for any reason, your plans for Saturday change and you are unable to make the meet, you need to let ME know.  It is very hard to make last-minute changes, and I often times just scratch the swimmer/team from the events.  If I have a heads up, I can make changes if possible to keep relays swimming.  My email is bryanschwarz2501@gmail.com and my phone number is 608-697-2501.  Please contact me in some form if you are going to be absent.  With that said, please do everything you can to make it if you have declared as attending.

- Our warm-ups start at 7:30.  I need our swimmers at the pool by 7:15.  There have been many swimmers coming in late for warm-ups, or missing warm-ups completely.  Warming up is a very important thing to do before any physical activity, and swimming is not an exception.  Please make sure to be in the Dells by 7:15.

Wow...my fingers are exhausted from typing.  Please let me know what questions you have, and, as always, I appreciate all you do for our team!


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