Parent Meeting Summary from June 1, 2022

Thank you to those who were able to attend the parent meeting on June 1, 2022. Below is a summary of what was discussed for those that were unable to attend.

Registration Payments - Any remaining registration balance is now due. If you don't know your remaining balance please let me know and I will get it to you. You can mail or drop off your payment with Coach Bryan during practice. Also volunteer commitment deposit checks for $150 are also due.

Team Website - The team website will be used to share information. Please check it frequently. Emails will be sent to notify you of new information or important details when available. There is also a team contact page that shows Coach Byran's email address. But you must sign into your Riptide account to access it. Once signed in Choose Contact>Board Members and Head Coach

Riptide Notifications - you and your swimmer may sign up for these notifications. We use the Remind App as a one way communication tool. This is mainly used to notify you of changes in practice due to weather. We will do our best to send timely notifications via the Remind App and email in the event practice is canceled due to weather. Instructions on how to sign up can be found on the team website in the News section.

COVID - COVID is still hanging around. We are planning a return to “normal” as much as possible but please be aware there still may be some differences at our home pool and the away pools. Please be willing to adapt, have patients and be respectful of changes. Each pool may be different. You may see little to no changes at some pools while others may run differently. We will do our best to communicate any known restrictions at the pools we visit during the season.

Practices - practice has started at the indoor pool. Please note the times and days of practice while we are at the indoor pool. On June 9th practice moves to the outdoor pool. The practice schedule then becomes more stable. We ask that swimmers practice at least 3 times a week to be eligible for meets once we move to the outdoor pool. We will offer morning and evening practices at the outdoor pool. You are not required to attend both but you may do so if you'd like. Check the team website for practice times by going to the Swim Options Tab.

Declare your swimmer and meets - Riptide will have 4 home meets and 3 away meets this year. We need you to declare your swimmer for all meets. This helps coach Bryan know who will be attending and helps him build the line ups. Please be timely in declaring your swimmer. We ask that you declare your swimmer no later than the Monday of the week of the meet. (For example - we have a swim meet on June 11th. Declare your swimmer by Monday June 6th) At home meets we need many volunteers to help run the meet. You will have the ability to sign up for meet jobs and concession donations online as well. You will need to sign into your Riptide account to declare your swimmer, and sign up for meet jobs and concession donations. Online sign up for meet jobs and concession donations is now open.

Away Swim Meets - These meets will normally begin at 8am with the visiting team warm up at 7:30am Please plan to arrive no later than 7:15am to allow yourself time to get set up and get your swimmer ready for warm ups. I have created a document called What to Expect - Away Meets. It's a very detailed document that goes over what you can expect to see at an away meet, items to bring and things to know. Families will need to get their swimmer to the away meet by 7:15am. Also as mentioned above in the COVID section there may be restrictions or rules when we visit another community pool. We will do our best to communicate those to families before the meet. To read the What to Expect document sign into your Riptide Account and go to Information Tab > What to Expect Away Meets

Home Swim Meets - These meets are very similar to away meets in that it will begin at 8am. However home meet warm ups will begin at 7am for Riptide. Families may start arriving at the outdoor pool around 6:45am. This is where volunteer help is needed. It takes over 50 volunteers to run a swim meet. You will have the opportunity to sign up for meet jobs and concession donations for home meets via the team website. I have also created another document called What to Expect - Home Meets. It's very similar to the Away Meets document with a few exceptions such as meet jobs and concession donations. To read the What to Expect document sign into your Riptide Account and go to Information Tab > What to Expect Home Meets

As mentioned before COVID is still hanging around. In 2021 we asked all spectators to NOT set up chairs and easy-ups on the pool deck. We found by doing this it really helped with alleviating congestion especially on the south end of the pool where the pool deck is very narrow. We are going to continue with that change again in 2022. So please do not set up on the pool deck. You may set up outside the fenced in area (under the pine trees) on the south end of the pool or in the wading pool area. We will offer bleachers for event viewing on the east side of the pool and will move the concession stand back to the shelter on the pool deck. Also our normal concession stand offerings will be back this year. So if you enjoy a breakfast burrito or walking taco, they will be available. Please sign into your Riptide account and review the Baraboo Outdoor Pool Map for clarification on where to set up. . The pool map can be found under the COVID tab.

Picture Night - Riptide has not had a formal picture night since 2019. We will hold a Picture Night on June 22 at the outdoor pool beginning at 5pm. Information regarding ordering pictures will be sent via email. We hope you are able to attend.

Conference Meet - a “normal” end of season conference meet will be held again this year. We have not had one since 2019. The meet is very large and an exciting time for the swimmers to participate in. You must swim in a minimum of 3 meets to be eligible for the conference meet. The conference meet will be held at the new Sauk Prairie High School Indoor Pool. More information will become available as we get closer to the end of the season.

End of Season Awards - Riptide will hold its end of season awards night on August 3rd at 7:30pm at the Campbell Park (outdoor pool) shelter. More information will be shared as we get closer to the end of the season.

Future of Riptide - The future of Riptide depends on volunteers to help run the team. Not only helping out during home meets but helping to plan and get ready for the season. From setting up practice times, selecting apparel options, learning to be an official, running clerk of course, learning how scoring works, to making deposits and paying bills are some of the many things it takes to run this organization. There are many people behind the scenes that help make Riptide run smoothly and they are all volunteers. We are in need of additional new energy, new leadership and new ideas to keep the team alive and moving forward. Now is the time to learn something new or take on a bigger role.

We need the many talents our families have to offer. Don't be afraid to step up and do more than the minimum. Many of these things can be done by more than one person. For example you can have Co-presidents. I know it can seem scary to step into one of these roles that you may know nothing about, but in reality it works really well when you have great people surrounding you and you can learn from those who have done it before. You will not be expected to start over from the beginning but continue to improve upon what is already available.

As mentioned at the meeting I have been the Riptide president for 5 years and have a wonderful group of people to work with this season. In total I have been behind the scenes of this awesome volunteer run team for 8 years. However, my time as president is ending as my only remaining swimmer will age out of the program after next year. Riptide needs to continue moving forward and a new team president (or co-presidents) is needed.

As parents I think we all have the same goal and that is to give our kids an activity that is fun, well run and will build lasting friendships and memories and is a lifelong skill. Riptide is that activity. So I urge you to be willing to do more and help keep Riptide going for years to come.

Please reach out to me if you’d like to learn more.

Let's make the upcoming season and future ones great.

Thank you


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