How to Sign up for Meet Jobs and Concession Donations

How to sign up for Meet Jobs and Concession Donations

It takes over 50 volunteers to run a smooth and efficient home swim meet and it is important that we get help from all of our Riptide families. Don't worry the meet jobs are not hard. They include timers, concession stand workers, runners and clerk of course among others.

Each year Riptide will host either 3 or 4 home meets. In years of 3 home meets each family is asked to sign up for concessions and meet jobs for at least 2 meets.  In years of 4 home meets each family is asked to sign up for concessions and meet jobs for at least 3 meets.  

You will be notified via email each season when sign up will open and how many meets you need to volunteer at and how many meets you will need to provide a concession donation

Please note if you have chosen to buy out your concession donations during the registration process you will not need to sign up for concession donations. 

Signing up for meet jobs and concession donations is easy

1. Sign into your Riptide Account

2. Click on Schedule and find the home meet you would like to volunteer for or bring a concession donation for.

3. Click on Job Sign Up button

4. Click on Sign Up for Jobs button

5. Select your meet job and concession donation by placing a check mark in the box next to the meet job or concession donation.

You will need to do this for each home meet you are signing up for.

If you have questions or concerns please let us know. We are willing to work with families to help fulfill your volunteer and concession requirements.

And finally, you will always be able to watch and cheer on your swimmer when working a meet job. 

Thank you for your willingness to help.  We cannot run successful swim meets without the help of all our great swim families. 

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