Baraboo Riptide Update

We are getting closer to the opening of Riptide registration. Registration will open on March 9th. Remember, swim clinic is an optional add-on to registering for the summer team. You may not sign up for swim clinic only.

Once again, there will be 2 ways to pay your registration fees. You may pay by credit card or write a check. Also, all families are asked to write a volunteer deposit check. If you complete your volunteer requirements for the season, your check will be returned to you. There are 4 home meets this year. That means that, at a minimum, you will need to volunteer at 3 meets and provide 3 concession donations. Please remember we will need volunteers for the conference meet at the end of July. You will be notified when online sign up for meet jobs and concession donations are open.

Riptide is also currently accepting applications for Age-Group Coaches. If you know of someone who would be interested in an age-group coaching position, the online application form is available on the team website.

As with many things, Riptide is seeing some expenses continue to increase. The board strives to not raise registration fees unless absolutely necessary. After discussion and review, we are happy to report we will not be raising registration fees, but a few changes will take place beginning this year. Riptide will no longer offer busing to away swim meets. Riptide will also follow the Tri-County conference guidelines regarding place ribbons. The team will provide ribbons to 1st, 2nd and 3rd-place winners, along with 1st place exhibition winners only. We will hand out 4th, 5th and 6th-place ribbons based on any remaining ribbon stock to ages 8 and Under only.

Riptide is a parent-run organization and relies on the help of our talented families to be successful. There is a real and immediate urgency to meteor new volunteers. Many of our long-time volunteers are not returning or will be leaving the team after this season. In an effort to train new volunteers, we asking people to try a new meet job this year. The team is in need of Officials (free training is provided), Clerk of Course Lead, and Meet Scoring, to name a few. There are coordinator positions such as volunteer coordinator, website coordinator and fundraising coordinator as well several others. If you are interested, please ask. We want to make smooth transitions by mentoring new volunteers and do not want new volunteers to have to learn on their own. 

We hope to see many of our Riptide families back this year, as well as many new families. The team website is the best place to look for updated information, so please check in often at www.barabooriptide.com The current meet schedule is already posted along with the suit fitting date and team share nights.

Looking forward to another fun season. 

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