Riptide Meet Ribbons Information

With the season well under way, we would like to share some information on ribbons and 5/10 yr swimmer awards with you. Riptide has decided to give out place-winner ribbons to coincide with what the other teams in our Tri-County Conference league do. Therefore, you will see some changes this year if you have swam with us in the past. They are as follows: 

9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18 will only be receiving ribbons for 1st-3rd place. 

8 & Under swimmers will receive 4th-6th place and participation ribbons this year until our surplus is gone. 

There will be a ribbon box in the outdoor pool office that has a folder with each swimmers name on it (alphabetical order). Ribbons should be ready by Monday or Tuesday after each meet. However, sometimes it takes us longer to get printable results for our away meets. We appreciate your patience with this! 

Swimmers can ask any coach at practice to get the ribbon box out of the office. Please don't ask the pool staff or go into the office yourself. 

Finally, at our end of the year banquet we honor all swimmers who are in their 5th or 10th season swimming with Riptide with a plaque. We do not keep track of attendance years, this is up to the parents. 

Parents, if you have a swimmer in their 5th or 10th year with us, please email our ribbon coordinator, Michelle Beal @ *Please do not respond to this email. 

Thank you!

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