How to Declare your Swimmer for Meets

How to Declare your Swimmer for a Meet

It is very important to declare your swimmers intentions for each meet. Declaring your swimmer helps the coaches set lineups for each swim meet.  Please decalre your swimmer for meets in a timly manner.   You will need to sign into your Baraboo Riptide account to complete this process. Your swimmer was not automatically signed up to attend meets when filling out the registration form online.

The deadline to declare your swimmer for meets will usually be the Monday before the Saturday swim meet unless otherwise noted or announced. 

All families need to declare for the Swim Meet at Spring Green on June 11th no later than Monday June 6th

Families are encouraged to declare your swimmer for all meets right away if possible.

To sign up for meets please follow the steps below

1. Login to your account at barabooriptide.com Click "Login" in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. (Your account user name is the email address your registered with. If you do not remember your password please click the "Forgot Password" link)
2. Choose Schedule
3. Select Meet Entry
4. Select Edit
5. From the drop down menu Choose "Attending this Meet" or "Not Attending this Meet"
6. Click Save

Please do this for each meet. 

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