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Baraboo Indoor Pool

Baraboo Indoor Pool COVID Protocols

Swim Clinic and early season practice will take place at the Baraboo Indoor Pool. Due to the ongoing pandemic all swimmers participating are asked to follow the protocols below when using the Baraboo Indoor Pool.

COVID Self-Screening

Does your swimmer have any of these symptoms?

● Temperature is or has been greater than 100.00 degrees Fahrenheit

● Coughing

● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

● Chills

● Repeated shaking with chills

● Muscle pain

● Diarrhea

● Headache

● Sore throat

● New loss of taste or smell

● Close contact with person with any of the above symptoms or known COVID-19

Please contact your coach if your swimmer has any of these symptoms. If your swimmer is not feeling well, please do not bring him or her to practice.

Before Leaving Home

● Ensure that your swimmer is free of any of the COVID symptoms listed above.

● Swimmers should change into their swimsuits at home. Locker rooms at the pool are not available for changing.

● Swimmers should fill their water bottles at home. The bottle filling station will be available, but drinking fountains are not available.

● Remember to bring face coverings. Swimmers will wear them when entering the building and while on the pool deck, but will take them off before entering the water.

Arriving at the Pool

● Arrive 10 minutes before swim practice.

● Swimmers must put on a face covering before entering the building and continue to wear it while on the pool deck.

● Only swimmers and coaches are allowed to enter the building. **Exception: Parents/guardians of swimmers ages 8 and under may enter the building to help their swimmer get ready for practice, but must leave after the swimmer is with their coach.**

● Locker rooms and restrooms are open for bathroom use only.

Before Practice Starts

● When entering the pool deck, swimmers must use hand sanitizer.

● Swimmers will take off their shoes and socks on the mat and carry them to their individual cone. There are 32 cones.

● Swimmers will leave all personal items at the cone, except their face coverings and any required swim gear.

● Wearing their face coverings, swimmers will walk to the shallow end.

● Coaches will give a baggie and clothespin to each swimmer.

● Swimmers will put their face coverings in the baggies and use the clothespins to hang the baggies on the clothesline.

● Swimmers must socially distance while in the water.

● Coaches are required to wear face coverings and socially distance.

After Practice Ends

● Swimmers will get out of the water and put on their face coverings.

● Swimmers may keep their baggies and clothespins in their swim bag, or they can leave them in the Riptides box at the pool.

● Wearing their face coverings, swimmers will walk back to their cones.

● At their cones, they will dry off, get dressed, and exit the pool using the back blue doors.

● Swimmers have five minutes to exit the building.

● Swimmers should use hand sanitizer again before leaving the pool.

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